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Victoria Children's Group Programs
At Victoria Children's Group, we take pride in offering the best care for your children. We know that early childhood education is a vital part of a child's development. 

​We offer several programs that will help children of all ages develop the necessary skills to be ready for school. Please visit the registration page for more information or contact us.  

All our programs are taught in Dual Language Mandarin to help students develop and strengthen their language skills. Children will be exposed to both English and Mandarin verbally throughout the day. Print will be displayed in their classrooms in both English and Traditional Chinese.  Children in all our programs will learn Mandarin through song and dance, poetry and stories. They will also learn Chinese traditions and culture. Our older children will have a dedicated Chinese lesson each day taught in Mandarin in which they will learn to have simple conversations and proper stroke writing of basic traditional characters. 
Toddler Program
Preschool Program
In our Toddler Program our teachers will help our little ones become independent learners. We will provide them with a fun and nurturing environment so they can explore, learn and interact socially with other children. We believe that young children learn best through hands on activities. We will offer various activities in our learning centers and small groups that will help them develop the age appropriate academic and social skills.  

Pre-Kindergarten Program
In our Preschool program, we will offer our little ones more challenging activities to help them develop problem solving skills. Our children will work independently as well as cooperatively with other children in small groups to explore the materials in their learning centers. They will be able to create their own projects and display it around the classroom. Under the guidance of our teachers, we want to help our children build the self confidence to explore freely and use their creativity. 
We offer Free DOE Pre-K for ALL program.  This program is aligned with the NYS Common Core Curriculum. We will continue to nurture their independence and problem solving skills by allowing our students to work independently and in groups. We will strengthen their academic skills in our learning centers such as Math, Science, Literacy, Art and Music. Our Pre-Kindergarten students will develop the necessary skills and confidence to be academically and socially successful in school.

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